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Casting temperature and mechanical properties of stainless steel precision casting

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Stainless steel precision casting is made in the process of making it because of the small size of the transition zone, which will make it have good mechanical properties. Stainless steel precision casting can effectively meet the fluidity and the formation of bright crystals to a certain extent. The temperature is 715~740 °C.

The stainless steel precision cast round ingot has a relatively low crack tendency, so that it can be effectively guaranteed to a certain extent that its alloy has its good exhaust gas filling ability, and can effectively create its sequence close condition when used. The density can be effectively increased, and the casting temperature is generally relatively high.

The manufacturing temperature of stainless steel precision casting can effectively ensure that the melt has good fluidity during the transfer process, and the equipment needs to effectively transfer the distance according to the temperature during the casting process. Some factors such as the temperature drop during the transfer process are effectively determined.

The use temperature of stainless steel precision casting is effective to ensure that its melt will have good fluidity during the transfer process. The precision casting temperature of stainless steel should be selected according to the distance of transfer, the temperature drop during the transfer process, alloy, specification, flow rate, etc. Factors to determine.

Stainless steel precision casting has higher mechanical properties than cast iron in the process of use, but such materials have poorer properties of cast iron. The precision of stainless steel precision casting is relative to other materials during the production process. It is higher.

Stainless steel precision casting is the main disadvantage of its surface. It is a pit. If the product has such a phenomenon, it can only be disposed of in the process of use. This will result in an increase in our production cost and is not conducive to the product resources. Savings.

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